Adding golden feather.....

09/06/2011 00:46

    Felicitation for the winners of state level 'Reli-Debate' conducted by Nusrath Da'wa college at Randathani near Kottakkal. Shameel Keezu parambu,Abdul malik Chemmankadavu and Abdulssalam Veliyancode, the reprasantatives of Ma'din college of islamic da'wa Perumparamba,Da'wa Nagar,bagged the First place debating on 'Trinity' against other twelve groups coming from famous Da'wa Colleges across the Kerala.

    Comptitors had been crossed by variety of questions from opposite teams. All arguments were courageously prevented by the winners with suitable replies bringing clear evidences both logical and textual.By this they came out with flying colours.

    Sayyid Ibraheemul Khaleelul Bhukari, the chairman of Ma'dinussaquafathil Iislamiyya, appreciated the winners with prayers while  Ibraheem Baquavi Melmuri the principle of Ma'din college of islamic da'wa showered all the blessing towards them.

    By this victorjy M.H.S  the students' association of Ma'din college of islamic da'wa, da'wa nagar added a golden feather on the throne of it's history. The secretary of M.H.S prepared a special cerimony giving warmful welcome . As for the winners their victory was due to the blessing and co-operation from teachers and students especially the Ideal Cell of the campus.


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