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Literature is the proper way to rectity tendencies realizing the aptitude of those who are propagated. MISBAHHL HUDHA STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATION(MHS) under Ma’din collage of Islamic Da’wa,setting up  unique examples in the dissemination of education, is ascending the ladder of eventual success creating striking events in the steps left behind. Ma’dinussaquafathil Islamiyya is typical for successfully blending spirtuality with worldly achievements.
Religious scholors equally comepetent in worldly affairs are the need of the hour. The substantial intention of Misbahul Huda is to shapes up a  new generation that can creatively respond to the changing needs of our time. MHS conducts programmes to motivate students and enhance their abilities. It helps them to achieve great success in their life.
Leaders of associations, teachers, friends and well wishers are recollected here for inspirating at critical situations, may Almighty fulfil all our desires.......... ameen.

There are conducted literary meetings  every weak of English, Urdu, Malayalam and Arabic to nourish the inborn talents of the students. It aims to improve oratory skills of budding propagators.

An  enterprise wishing to produce intellectual scholars. It offers a wide range of learning resources to assist students with study and research. It is empowering propagaters to fight against anti- islamic hands and deviated muslims through debates and face to face. The large number of students and staff find suppott for their academic pursuit in this library and research centre

Associations of common interest produces opportunities for students to enhance their tallents .They can find out their tastes and develop themselves. Diffrerent varieties of programmes are conducted under language clubs named Oration, Galaxy kith(for general knowdege) ,English society, Urdu & Arabic  village.

Da’wa cell is the out door movement of Misbahul Hudha. It enables not only members but also  neigbours to develop spiritually conducting Burda, kuth -beeyath, and monthly swalath. Da’wa has footed veiw point boards  uplifting the relevances of  Hadith and Holy Qur’an at near areas of college. For the sake of  family vigilance it also conducts home science for females in society.

There are published magazines every month in  Englsh (The Magnet),Malayalam(AL- Misbah),Urdu&Arabic(Gulshan) Under the auspices of MHS.

Setting up special laboratory , Theory and practical classes are given to students in this technologically developed hours.

 Misbahul Hudha provides help and assistance to the needy and destitute of the dwellers around the college. For this purpose MHS has just begun a relief programe named A Hand in Mercy. Besides conducting educational and spiritual activities MHS also extends its helping hands to rice distribution  and supply of Bakid kits.

Misbahul Hudha ventured out to set up a wing to provide essential medicines, anti - septics, and first aid equipments. More over it handles expences of the treatment of students.

Misbah Fund keeps the money of student safely collecting from them and protects students from becoming spendthrifts.

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